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Are You Really Drinking Enough Water?

Water. We need it to survive and maintain a healthy life, but there’s much more to this “boring” liquid than a lot of consumers are aware of…

From weight loss to digestive health, water is important for a host of reasons. Not sold on the water hype yet? Here are some reasons you should be. And if you’re wondering just how much you need to drink, we’ll get to that, too.

Constipated? Get Hydrated

It can be a delicate subject, but constipation can also be a real pain – literally. If you struggle with bowel movements, dehydration could be the culprit. Water regulates the kidneys, which are the sewage treatment plant of the body.

Everything that goes in filters through these remarkable organs, which need water to function properly. Dehydration can also lead to kidney stones, which form when calcium and other minerals are allowed to build up.

Doctors have noticed an unusual increase in pediatric kidney stones, which they blame on kids sipping sugary drinks and juice boxes instead of water. Although some people are simply prone to kidney stones, many can be avoided by simply upping your water intake.

Headaches and Dehydration

If you suffer from frequent headaches, then you might be able to skip the painkillers and grab a water instead.

In a study of 34 test subjects, 22 experienced total headache relief after consuming 200 to 1,500 milliliters of water. The study also linked water-deprivation headaches to impaired concentration and irritability.

Check out this site here to read more about this study.


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Knock Out Your Sweet Tooth

One sign of dehydration you might not be aware of is a craving for sweets. If you find yourself standing in front of the vending machine every day after lunch, then you may actually be longing for water – not a candy bar.

There is a scientific reason for this phenomenon. Your liver and other organs could likely be having a difficult time releasing glycogens, the body’s principal storage form of glucose. Without sufficient water intake, this can cause you to experience certain food cravings.

Hungry or Thirsty? Your Body Might Not Know

Surprisingly, the body is not that great at deciphering between hunger and thirst. Researchers say many people eat when they’re really just thirsty. If you’re trying to lose weight, consider drinking a glass of water before a meal. You may be surprised to discover you’re really not that hungry after all.

Consuming water before a meal can also cause you to eat less. If you eat just 75 fewer calories at each meal throughout the day, that adds up to a whopping 27,000 calories saved each year.

You Can Actually Drink Too Much

Although it’s unlikely a healthy person will ingest a dangerous amount of water, it can happen. The condition is known as hyponatremia, more commonly called water intoxication.

In the vast majority of people, the body will naturally rid itself of excess water through normal urination. Under certain conditions, however, too much water overwhelms the system, which dilutes sodium in the body, causing the cells to swell.

This condition has occurred in marathon runners who consumed water but did not sweat much during their race, leading to a dangerous sodium imbalance.

So… How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Our bodies are 60 percent water. Just like a car needs gasoline, the body needs to be topped off regularly with water. Most people have heard the old rule: Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.

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However, health experts have concluded this is outdated. Instead, you should aim for something between 30 and 50 ounces each day, according to Harvard Health. In glasses, that is about four to six servings.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to guzzle H2O straight from the tap (or your water bottle). You can get water from fruit, as well as other beverages like tea and juice.

Watermelon, cucumber, and strawberries are more than 90 percent water, so stock up on fruit salad without any guilt. You’re doing it for the water, right?


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