Dr. Dave Campbell – Health News Authority

Dr. Dave Campbell is a Spine Surgeon he’s considered an Authority and a Hero to some…

Dr. Dave Campbell is a leading orthopedic authority in the South Florida medical community. He is a board-certified surgeon, sought after speaker, and regular contributor of health news articles published in numerous medical journals.

Dr. Dave Campbell, Health News Authority on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

Dr. Dave has been featured on MSNBC’s Morning Joe as a Health News Authority, answering questions on breaking health news including Zika Outbreak, Synthetic Drug Use in America and many other pressing health news stories. Dr. Dave enjoys people and his purpose in life is to help others as he strives daily to answer health questions and solve problems for others.

Dr. Dave Campbell’s Education

Upon conclusion of his undergraduate studies at Columbia University in New York, Dr. Campbell completed his residency at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center. He maintains staff privileges at well-respected hospitals throughout Palm Beach County and has performed over 8,000 successful spine surgeries since 1991.

Service comes naturally to Dr. Campbell. He devoted ten years to the military as a surgeon solving health back pain problems in the United States Army Reserve Medical Corps followed by an honorable discharge as Major. His son is also on active duty in the United States Marine Corps. As a demonstration of his ongoing commitment to the military, Dr. Campbell provides spinal surgery care to veterans through the Veteran’s Administration (VA).

Founder of GetThrive.com

Dr. Campbell established getThrive as a way to connect with a larger audience and help others to live a healthy, positive lifestyle. Thrive’s regular newsletter serves to enhance each reader’s personal value. With a focus on positive, educational material, each issue includes practical information directed toward a population interested in personal growth. Have health concerns or questions? Be sure to fill out our questionnaire on Getthrive.com for a chance to speak directly with Dr. Dave.

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