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GetThrive Privacy Policy

Mission and Ethics

Our GetThrive team aims to provide trustworthy and informed advice in regards to living life to the best of health and spirit. Our goal is offer up-to-date innovative and compelling material that will inform (as well as inspire) visitors perusing our site and to those subscribing to our newsletters.


Whether you’re 4, 40, or 94, that’s your business. We won’t ask, and you don’t have to tell—unless of course, you want to brag. At GetThrive, we believe you should keep your personal information to yourself, especially if that’s your choice.

Any personal info that we receive, we will not share or sell. The compliances to which we adhere is: what the law mandates, how we can best serve you as a most honored guest to our site, and, of course, how we can protect all of our rights. We respect your rights as much as our own.

We Really Like You

Most website operators collect a bunch of information every time you click on any site on the www.

Your web-browser is going to share stuff with us like: when you logged on, the date, and how you found our pages, for example. This is all non-identifying personal information. We don’t have any use for this information unless we’re collecting data to create an improved format for you.

Additionally, we aim to protect any personal information that is shared with us. GetThrive does so through appropriate technical and administrative safeguards. The security of information transmitted online, however, can never be 100% guaranteed. And as a visitor, you always have your right to refuse to supply personally-identifying information.

If you’ve supplied GetThrive with your email address, we may share with you (on occasion) a quick note about upcoming newletters, symposiums, or ask for your feedback to help us make our site the best it can be for you. We’ll never hound you or try to sell you anything.


Who doesn’t love cookies? If they’re not the chocolate chip type, then you may not. And that’s OK. Cookies provide a string of information that becomes stored on your computer. Your browser is kind enough to share that information with websites that you revisit.

GetThrive, like almost every other website on the planet, uses cookies to track visitors; it helps us figure out what’s important to you and what you want to read. If you don’t want us to know, you can always “say no” to cookies. Just go to your browser and set it to refuse cookies. You can still visit GetThrive, but sometimes the site’s visual and written content is compromised when cookies are turned off. We still want you, cookies on or off.

Partners and Ads

We may provide links to other sites, which are controlled by third parties. Those links will have their own privacy policies, which we recommend you review. GetThrive’s Privacy Policy covers only how we use cookies. We aren’t responsible for what other sites or advertisers’ usage of cookies or policies are.

Changes to Our Policy

Every once in a while we will update or make minor changes to our Privacy Policy. Come back and check this page every so often to see if there are any updates. As a visitor to GetThrive, we understand that you accept our policy and any changes or updates.

Your Choice

We appreciate and value your loyalty and readership. With that said, if you want to be free of us, we would never hold you back. Simply click “unsubscribe” on our newsletter and follow the prompts. We will always welcome you back whenever you decide to return.