Straighten Your Back And Fix Bad Posture

Straighten Your Back And Fix Bad Posture

Poor posture may lead to excruciating back, neck, and jaw pain.  Other side effects may include:  poor lung function, gastrointestinal issues, and fatigue.  There are fitness regimes and therapies that may be beneficial like:  Pilates, Yoga, and The Alexander Technique.  Some people even use a chiropractor, but fixing bad posture is a lengthy process and takes dedication and motivation.  What if a person is not well enough to take these classes?  Back surgery may be considered, although this is can be risky and is seen as the last resort in helping the spine.  It also does not solve the underlining issue or cause of back ache, it only solves the symptoms.  What devices are in place that may ease any discomfort in the sufferer, until they may partake in such therapies to correct their posture?


Simple Ways To Improve Posture
Get Thrive Health Minute – Simple Ways To Improve Posture

Keep The Spine Straight

Keeping the spine straight is not always practical, but there are certain instruments that may help make it easier:

  • Invest in a good mattress which helps support shape and the back. A firmer mattress will help with lower back pain, but may not be for everyone. A softer mattress will potentially benefit those with wide hips, helping keep the spine straight.  It is necessary to change a mattress every ten years, due to its loss of shape and weakening of springs.
  • Choosing the correct pillows is also vital. Stacking the pillows (more than one) is not recommended because it may curve the spine. Have one pillow that supports the head and neck and therefore the spine.  Different sleeping positions will govern which pillow fits best.  For side sleepers, a flatter firmer pillow is preferable.  Back sleepers will require a slightly fuller pillow.  Most pillows are labeled according to the sleeping preference.

Recent medical studiesin humans and animals have proven that sleep disorders can add to back pain issues.  So even though a good mattress and pillow may provide a more comfortable night’s sleep, it will not solve any underlining issues.


Back Brace To Help Posture

Back braces were originally used to aid and support the back after an injury, and they are now commonly used for people suffering from lower back pain.  With the suggestion that the belt lessens the impact on the spine, these thick elastic belts are very popular, but do they work? According to Centers for Disease Control and Preventionthere is no scientific evidence that back belts work, although hundreds would argue that they do.  In order to play it safe, back braces should not be worn to prevent injury, but instead to support a spine that has already been injured.

In conclusion, there are no quick fixes to strengthen the back and correct the posture unless the core muscles are involved.  There are measures like a good mattress, correct pillows, and possibly a back brace to help support the spine until the posture is corrected.

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